Bánkitó Festival 2017 will take place between the 12th and 15th of July, at Bánk, of course. Like every year, progression is the keyword for Bánkitó’s program guide. We stir up the order of days and nights and we create unexpected collaborations between theatre, activist, cultural and music collectives.

Every year there is an important social issue behind all the programs of Bánkitó that can’t be left to be partied around. In 2017 it is Corruption and everything that enables it. We won’t sit back and contemplate. Corruption and panama sucks, everyone knows that, from all the sides. Every single publicity of Bánkitó will have the same message: NOT OK. It is not cool that for every loop there is a loophole and it is not cool that helicopters and mansions can disappear and reappear. It is not cool that everything is “between us” and it is not true that everybody benefits from it when nobody benefits from it. Artists, actors, musicians and civilians will present it, analyse it, but most of all: let it out.

It is important to us that Bánkitó stay the festival that devotes its publicity every year to a ‘good cause’. In place of vague slogans and sponsored logos, we spread an important message about an issue that not only cripples our life, but the whole country’s.
Of course, it would be impossible without the aware and committed community that comes to Bánk every year to make a full house and to make it possible that this unique independent boutique festival splash into the lake again this summer.

* Music *

Progressive, contemporary, ever-changing. These are some of the words you could use to describe the music at Bánkitó. We haven’t changed much on our old formula but with more performers from abroad, our pool just got a lot bigger. The aim is to bring the region’s performers together and show the freshest and most exciting bands of the European musical scene. At Bánkitó this year you can listen to what others will be listening to next year.


* Civil_cult *

The civil-cult programs always explore (and then pick at) a topical issue considered gravely important yet risky by many. Last year, in the middle of the Hungarian refugee crisis, the topic was the notion of borders and in 2017, corruption will take center stage. The programs are going to be more concentrated and meaty than before. The organizations will be sending their message together with the audience and the artists: ‘CORRUPTION = WRONG’.


* Theatre *

As an independent but serious contemporary theatre festival, Bánkitó would like to exhibit those contemporary theatre pieces from Hungary that have something to say about ourselves, the people around us and society as a whole. Those pieces that everyone should watch, that stay with the person long after the curtain call. Last year, the theatre tent had great success, with most plays running at full house.


* Arts *

A contemporary art exhibition on 80,000 square meters. It’s hard to create a space where the artists, their work, the messages and the receivers can all exist at the same time and at the same place, where several thousand people are open to this. Bánkitó is such a place. The most exciting contemporary artists of Hungary will too have something to say about corruption.


 * Not-for-profit *

Bánkitó is not just entertainment. We look at the festival as a socially conscious enterprise that enables us to pass on an important message every year in the hopes that it will gain more traction from the general public. We provide an opportunity to Hungarian NGOs to show their work and in turn several thousand people can get to know issues one should stand up for. Along the core group of around 20 organisers, volunteers play a huge role in organising the festival and without them, Bánkitó could never exist in its current state.


* Conscious Communication *

The visitors of Bánkitó Festival form a conscious and supporting community which enables us to cut the boring marketing blabber. Instead, even in the months preceding the festival, we can talk about the important issues to which no one should turn a blind eye today, in Hungary. This way, a lot more people can come across our message.


* Jewish Culture *

MAROM is an NGO that was founded in the beginning of the 2000s with the mission to revive and reinterpret Jewish culture and traditions. This meant that democratic values, such as active civil participation in social issues, or appreciating the difference as a value was our priority since the beginnings. In 2007 the Bánkitó festival was our first initiative in which we focused on an oppressed minority in Hungary, namely the issues of the Roma population. As the main organisers of Bánkitó, we remained faithful to our beginning values: progressive Jewish culture, grass-roots civil activism and human rights are essential elements in the program until today.